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What's on with Louie

To balance, you must concentrate on spatial awareness. Your focus brings coordination, your heartbeat controlled by your breath will flow effortlessly as you have aligned yourself for freedom of movement.

Educating your mind to understand your body
Pilates is a platform in functional training to complement your goal and lifestyle
Brilliant teacher, full of passion and patience. Dedicated in every one of his clients. Strongly recommend from beginners to advanced

Streaming Online Classes


 Pilates Learning 

 Seniors and beginners

 Wednesday 6:00 pm ( Now at St Marks church Greenwich South Street)

 Postural alignment and muscular balance: Pilates heightens body awareness, improves balance and symmetry and develops functional and robust posture. It strengthens correct muscle activation and trains for accurate distribution of weight placement.

 Barre workshop 

 The Ball Balance – Mind -Body – Control

 Connect your mind to your body and work out how to stay calm and not fall off or wobbling to control your body!

Balance is what you need, and at a young age, you had so much of it, as adults, we mostly sit, stand and walk less.

If you keep challenging balance and coordination will help prevent serious falls as we age. Never give in never surrender.


Wednesday 8am

Cardio – HIIT – Pilates – Yoga

Let’s go to the next level of you’re fitness training,
Using all the types of fitness will infuse the ideal workout, each style of exercise need the other to create a chain effect, giving better results for any sports activity you do.


Louie is a fantastic instructor, I attended his barre, pilates and on the ball classes at Meridian fitness, it became apparent immediately that he has expert knowledge and is very well established, I quickly became one of his regulars. I worked in fitness for several years as a personal trainer, cycling coach and conditioning trainer for boxers and triathletes, so feel qualified to say that I am really impressed with Louie’s approach. In all of his classes he offers variations to newcomers or those with injuries and his understanding of anatomy seems vast. Louie has had an interesting career as a dancer and his background in dance gives him a fantastic edge on other instructors as he is able to add choreography and use music to keep his classes entertaining.

He has a very sharp wit and a wonderful sense of humour so his classes are always fun and never a chore. I can’t wait to get back to the gym. In the meantime I’ve been taking part in his zoom classes, which have kept me sane through lockdown! Louie is compassionate and empathetic, he designs challenging sessions that are safe and he is quickly able to alter instructions and differentiate. When I aggravated my back injury decorating Louie was kind enough to give me a one to one session advising me of exercises to help, which was wonderful as it was impossible to see a doctor or physio at the time. It really helped me recover quickly. I really can’t recommend Louie enough. He’s a great instructor and a lovely person.