About Me

What is Pilates and my method of teaching

Louie layers in dance principles with Pilates principles that blend effortlessly together with transition from one movement to the next — focusing on alignment, flow, grace, strength and control. Merging to become a constant rhythmic pattern, like harmonious music. Gentle, calm and relaxed; this is how you move in Pilates. Connecting movement to your breath will unite you to the flow. Now you will begin to understand the Pilates principles: moving transitions from one exercise to the other as they all combine like a chain linking together to form one — gentle, calm and relaxed. Flowing movement takes time and practice to master.
Why Choose Me?
My Ethos
My core ethos is to share the knowledge that I have gained through 30 yrs of dance and fitness. I teach with intention, integrity, and care to the individual to deliver the best Pilates technique, in strength training and conditioning with Classical and Modern Pilates Methods
My Passion
Every movement in Pilates has a purpose. Every instruction is vitally important to success. To leave out any detail is to forsake the intrinsic value of the exercise. The focus is to do one precise and perfect movement, rather than many half-hearted ones. Eventually, this precision becomes second nature and carries over into everyday life with grace and economy of motion.
Affordable Price
Pilates101 provides affordable pilates and fitness classes and private sessions accessible to everyone. Have questions contacts us by email, pilat101 provides a challenging workout that’s safe, effective, and therapeutic for all body types and injuries.
What My Students Say

Review based on purchases on 11th April 2019


Having tried several different Pilate classes over the years I was pleased to find one where I actually saw results. My back and core is much stronger and my overall tone and strength is much improved since attending the Pilates classes with Louie. In addition to core strength, Louie’s Pilates helped me to breathe correctly, improve blood circulation, focusing on proper alignment, integrating body & mind. No matter how tired I feel on the day I always feel energised by the end of the session. These are skills for life which are used to develop muscular power for daily activities (walk, play & work). I have been going to Louis’ classes for around a year and I will continue to go for as long as I can.

Dr. Lawren Muheden

“Louie has been my Pilates teacher for about five years. He has a good eye for detail and is very good at spotting individual issues and tailoring exercises accordingly. He has taught me the importance of good technique when exercising and my posture, core and balance have really improved because of his classes. Most of all, his classes are fun – I would highly recommend them!”


I look forward to my Pilates class every week. Louie is great at tailoring exercises to suit me and any injuries I might have. His classes are always fun and he has an amazing knowledge to ensure that everyone gets the most out of their workout.

I Have a Passion!
Louie was born in Australia and started studying ballet at the age of 15. He trained at the Arts College Melbourne and received a scholarship with the Australian Russian Ballet Company, and toured for several years.

He moved to UK in the early 1980s and settled in Newcastle, where he joined Dance City and freelanced as a dancer. He then attended the Scottish Ballet School in Glasgow, and started contemporary dance. Louie received a scholarship to study Choreography and Contemporary dance in London at the Laban Centre, where he was introduced to Pilates.

Louie qualified to teach Pilates was given a teaching position at Laban, and soon became the tutor for the Pilates instructors’ certification course. Louie’s method of teaching is both in-depth and concise, presenting classical Pilates with modern adaptations and variations alongside certain principles from ballet a contemporary dance, which fuse together and enhance the Pilates experience.

Skills and Experience