Flow a Pilates principle

Flow has no beginning as time is no end.


In positive psychology flow also known colloquially as being in the zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person is performing an activity as fully immersed in a feeling of energised focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the action. Wikipedia
Time flows at a constant steady pace, and the speed is continuous as it moves effortlessly through space. Your breath is the same!

“Focusing on the continuous rhythm of your breath as it happens unconsciously.”

Take a moment, relax.

Have a seat. Take one deep breath in and out. That’s it

How are you feeling? Relaxed! Great

Now notice your ribs gently moving with the breath,

It’s a gentle lateral thoracic movement! What? You say! Ok, the rib cage will expand sideways into armpits. Lateral breathing is to help maintain the abdominal contraction while the exercises performed, as a stable and strong core is essential to ensure the task performed is effectively and safely.

Have a go

  • Place the palms of your hands on your lower ribs along the sides of the body.
  • Breathe into the sides and back of the rib cage while maintaining navel to spine contraction.
  • Feel the rib cage expanding into the palms of the hand

Rhythmical pattern

Just like music effortlessly in harmony. Soft, calm and relaxed, this is how you move in pilates, Connecting movement to your breath will connect you to, wait for it! Yep, you got it. Flow and your mind now connected to your body. Can I point out its not a spiritual mind and body thing?

In time

You will understand all the principles of pilates and transitions from one exercise to the other; they all connect like a chain to form as one. Gentle, calm rhythmical and relaxed.

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“Flowing movement takes time and practice forever.”

“Look George the Orchestra is getting ready! dance with me!”

“Educating your mind to understand your body.”
\- Flowing movement Production -/.
published 31 Jan 2019 by Louie pilates

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