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The Effect of Body Changes and Exercise


In the first three months, there are not many noticeable
physical changes. However, there are changes occurring
in your body that may affect your ability and desire to

Some of these include:

  • increased urination
  • nausea
  • tender breasts
  • minor weight gain (0.5 kg to 2 kg)
    increase in blood volume
  •  increased fatigue (although some women actually feel
    more energetic!).

Because of the increased demand on your cardiovascular
system to provide oxygen to your baby.

You may notice:

  • |An increase in resting heart rate of 7–15 beats/min
  • Some breathlessness with exertion like climbing stairs.

The Effect of Exercise and Your Pregnancy

There are many benefits associated with physical activity
now and throughout your entire pregnancy. Regular

  • helps with circulatory improvements for providing
    oxygen to your baby
  • helps to decrease discomforts such as nausea and
    muscle cramps
  • helps to keep your weight gain at a healthy rate and
  • helps avoid gestational diabetes
  • provides stress release
  • helps prepare you for the physical demands of labour
  • decreases the risk of spontaneous abortion.

First Trimester

You will feel tired and nauseated at this time,
it is a great idea to try and fit activity into your

Safety & Comfort

For comfort during activities such as walking and
running, be sure to wear:

Supportive bra
Loose and cool clothing that allows for heat loss
Running shoes with a thick sole and good support
under the forefoot and around the heel.

Nutrition & Hydration Reminders

  • Carry a water bottle, and take small, frequent drinks
    throughout the day.
  • Many pregnant women feel sick from time to time,
    especially during the first few months of pregnancy.
  • Seek medical attention if you are vomiting frequently
    and can’t manage to eat anything.
  • And remember to abstain from alcohol.


Exercise Guidelines

Continuous aerobic sessions on three days and strength
(circuit) training on two others. Day 3 is for active
rest—easy walking, gardening, biking with the family
and other similar activities. Day 7 is a total rest day.


Below pdf, files to give choice to decide what’s the best for you and your baby

During Pregnancy

Fitness During Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Exercise

Exercise and Pregnancy

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