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The Fitness Instructor Louie age 58

Why Pilates Works Well for Men


In men’s fitness focus is on core strength, flexibility, balance, developing efficient movement patterns—all are trademarks of Pilates training. And highly relevant to men’s fitness. Increasing flexibility is a goal that Pilates addresses in a way that men often feel comfortable. Yes, it’s hard Pilates, and it will help fine-tune your performance. Exercises are subtle, concentrated movements

 As a fitness and pilates instructor, I can see why men are not interested in group Pilates sessions, for many reasons from “its a woman workout” or “it’s too easy or to slow”, And as a male Instructor I do get men coming to my Pilates class. But, there is a need for men’s. The Men’s Fitness class I have flipped it back to front and upsidedown, the structure is dynamic, critical focus on proper form. Men’s Pilates will exercise with more reps faster pace and progressing in technique. Active approach men expect from a workout.

What do you need for an online fitness class?   

  • Webcam 
  • Small space so you can place an exercise mat to be in view. Small towel and
  • Weights if you have any don’t worry if you haven’t 
  • Water
First classes free 08:00 am Wednesdays on zoom. 


1. Develop neglected muscle groups. Pilates focuses on those muscles that don’t typically get a lot of attention.  Improve flexibility. 

Whether you are very active or quite sedentary, stretching is something your body needs daily focusing on increasing range of motion.

“Trust me! one thing you don’t want to do is to limit your range of movement by bulking up muscle because your mobility when you get to my age at 58yrs. You will feel 83yrs” Best at 58yrs and feel 38yrs that’s on the inside the face well that’s another department”



Men do Pilates
Build abdominal strength. 

Abdominalstrength is also known as core strength. Exercising your abdominal muscles and the back muscles, which are usually weak when they should be strong and visa versa.

Muscles around the pelvis also play a big roll in supporting your torso. Do you have or get lower back pain? Then this class is for you. Healthy core muscle makes it easier to do many physical activities.

Work out and exercise more consciously. 

Pilates forces you to pay attention to your breath and how you move with the exercises. Technique with proper form will produce faster results. Pilates is excellent for daily functional movement.

What is Functional movement? 

Functional movement is – your basic everyday life form when you get out of bed to when you get back into bed, you want to be able to move about effortlessly pain-free during every day to day tasks. Understanding how you can be more bio-mechanically efficient with everything you do, from sports or athletics to general fitness, is essential for maintaining a good healthy lifestyle and avoiding injury is the best way for all of us.

 First classes free 08:00 am Wednesdays on zoom

 I will layer in technique to get you to where you want to be quicker this class is designed to train you to understand how to work out at the gym on your own with the knowledge you have taken from the men’s group class.


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